Chemo Bandana/Scarf   NEW!!
 CHEMO BANDANA.doc  A simple pattern in cotton for summer 

Monster Puppet Socks

this pattern was given to me so I am taking a chance that I am not breaching any copyright here.  The pattern is to be used only for charity - the finished items given freely to children.

 Monster Puppet socks.pdf

Preferred Patterns for 25cm squares  

Here are 3 basic patterns that knit up into a 25cm(10”) square.  
4 rows of 7 (28) squares make a good size knee rug.  
2 rows of 2 squares will make a baby rug or a cat rug and 3 x 3 a dog rug.   
Materials:  Either 1 strand of 8 ply or 1 strand of 5 ply and 1 strand of 3 ply  or 2 strands of 4 ply  
AVERAGE KNITTERS use 4mm needles LOOSE knitters use 3.75mm needles TIGHT knitters use 4.5mm needles  
Stipes can be added also patterns, however, if adding a pattern you must have a garter stitch border 
of at least 4 stitches around the square.  Slipping the 1st stitch of each row creates a neat edge 
which helps when sewing up Please be sure to do this step, thanks.  
# SQUARE 1  Cast on 50 stitches 
1st Row Knit 
2nd Row Slip 1, knit to end  Repeat 2nd Row until 104 rows have been worked from the beginning. 
Cast Off.  If you want to make a strip of 4 or 7 squares do not cast off instead change  
colours and knit another 104 rows, change colours again and continue.    
## SQUARE 2  (DIAGONAL)  Inc. = knit into front and back of stitch to increase  
Cast On 1 st. 1st Row Inc. (2sts) 
2nd Row Slip 1, Inc. (3sts) 
3rd Row Slip 1, Inc. knit to end (4sts)  Repeat 3rd Row increasing 1 st each row until 79 stitches 
are on your needle 
Begin Decrease 1st Row Slip 1, k2tog(knit 2 together), knit to end (78sts)  
Repeat this row until 3 sts remain, Slip 1, k2tog K2tog and fasten off.   
### SQUARE 3  (MITRE)  Cast on 100 stitches. 
1st Row  K48, K2tog, twice, K48. 
2nd Row  and alternative rows, Knit 
3rd Row  K47, K2tog, twice, K47.  
5th Row  K46, K2tog, twice, K46.  
Continue decreasing 2 stitches in the centre of each alternate row until 2  
stitches remain, K2 together (fasten off).   
If you want to make a strip of 4 or 7 squares dont fasten off the last stitch. 
Leave it on the needle and pick up another 49 stitches along the edge (wrong side) of the square
just worked, cast on another 50 stitches = 100 stitches in all 
Then work the 2nd square the same as the first etc. 

The Gift of Giving Pattern variations

Crochet beanies/chemo caps

After crocheting the crown of your beanie i.e. when you finish the increasing try one of the following........

Instead of putting your hook through both loops as you crochet around try just using the back loop only -- this creates a nice rib effect and is slightly more stretchy than ordinary crochet.

Another effect is to alternate between back and front loops as you crochet around -- this gives you a thick textured pattern. 

Bev's Beanie Pattern

Vary the garter stitch band by changing it to either 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 rib and cutting the number of rows down by half. 

Diagonal Squares

Any ply yarn and needles to suit.
(You may wish to slip the first stitch of each row for a more even edge)

Cast on 1 stitch
Increase 1 (knit into front and back of stitch) (2sts)
Next and every row until length required for square: 
K1, Increase 1, K to end  

Knit 1 row without increase

Next and every row until 1 stitch remains:
K1, K2together, K to end
Bind off last stitch.

You should now have a neat square!
TIP: Count the number of stitches on your 'row without increase'
when making squares for a rug.  It saves measuring and ensures they 
are all the same size.

Square Pattern for St Johns Needles & Thread programme

Using 5ply or 8ply yarn, and No 9 (3.75) needles, cast on 32 stitches.
Knit 53 rows. Cast off.   Note:  To keep sides of square even, slip
1st stitch of each row.

Quickie simple knitting patterns -great for rugs

Here are some quick knitting patterns that can be used in baby jackets, hats and rugs.

#1...Multiple of 6sts plus selvedge or border
Row 1: *YO, K2, K2tog, K2* rep from * to* across
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: *K2, K2tog, K2, YO* rep from * to* across
Row 4: Purl
#2...Multiple of 8 plus selvedge or border                                                                                                       
Row 1: K4, P4 rep to end                                                                                                                                               
Repeat Row 1: 3 times (4 rows in all)
Row 5: P4, K4 rep to end
Repeat Row 5: 3 times (8 rows in all)
Repeat these 8 rows until length required.                                                                                                                 
#3...Multiple of 6sts plus selvedge or border.                                                                                               
Row 1: *sl 1, K2, psso (over 2 sts), K3* rep from * to* across
Row 2: *P4, YO, P1* rep from * to* across
Row 3: *K3, sl 1, K2, psso* rep from * to* across
Row 4: *P1, YO, P4* rep from * to* across

Mistake Rib

Multiple of 4 sts + 3

Row 1: [k2,p2] to last 3 sts k2,p1

Every row is the same.  Great easy pattern for scarves!

Super Quick Triangular Shawl

A super quick pattern for a triangular shawl sent in by Sharron Arnold.
Make up in all your scraps for an original one-off!!
Needle size 4mm to 5mm .
Cast on 3 sts.
Row 1: Inc. in first st, yf, k centre stitch(CS), yf, inc in last st.
Row 2: Purl across
Row 3: Inc, K2, yf, k CS, yf, k2, inc.
Row 4: and each alternate row, Purl.
Row 5: Inc, K4, yf, k CS, yf, K4, inc.
Row 7: Inc, K6, yf, kCS, yf, k6, inc.
Row 9: Inc, K8, yf, kCS,yf, k8, inc.
Continue in this way, changing wools and patterns as the whim takes you. Cast off loosely.
Crochet or knit an edge across the top and voila!!!! A handknit original.

12ply Ribbed Cap on Circular Needles


12ply yarn 100gms

5mm circular needle and 5mm dpns


Method: -

Cast on 92 sts

Row 1:  K2, P2 to end  - begin knitting in rounds

Round 1:  place marker being sure not to twist work K2, P2 around.

Continue working in rounds K2,P2 rib until work measures 18cm/7” ending at the marker.


Begin Decrease:  change to dpns when necessary

Round 1: K2tog, P2 around – 69sts

Round 2: Knit the knits and purl the purls around

Round 3: K1, P2tog around – 46sts

Round 4: Knit around

Round 5: K2tog around – 23sts

Round 6: Knit around

Round 7: K2tog around, knit final stitch – 12sts remaining

Cut 6” yarn tail, tightly thread through remaining 12 sts and bind off – weave in ends.


You may knit this pattern in 8ply using 4mm needles casting on 100 sts to begin.  When decreasing repeat rounds 5 and 6 until approx 12 sts remain - finish off.


Possum - Joey Pouch Pattern